• Bath
Cost: from 70 Bel. rub./hour

We offer

Wood bath
Russian bath for 8 persons
Stylish interior
Excellent service (bath attendant, masseur, table setting)
Bar counter (beer from barrel)
Outdoor veranda with sofas and fireplace for cooking on open fire
Barrel with hot water outdoors
Personal launch on water

Things to do

We offer recreation for your own pleasure

SPA complex in "Cones" is a real find for lovers of quality relaxation.

Briefly about the features of the bath complex of the suburban complex "Cones":

- A real Russian steam room on wood.
If you are looking for a sauna and a bath in Minsk, then we are pleased to offer the services of our bath complex. In our steam room, 8 people can relax at the same time. You can pre-order the services of a professional attendant. The bath complex is located near Minsk, 60 kilometers away.

- Spacious lounge.
In the bath complex there are immediately 2 lounges - on the first and second floors. In our bath you can celebrate a birthday, anniversary, hold a small corporate event, a meeting of friends or colleagues - and all with a high level of service and with the possibility of catering. On the second floor there are special loungers where you can relax after active soaring. We offer various programs for masculine and feminine companies from massage therapists or bathhouse attendants in the bath complex.

- Massage room.
The massage room has a special massage table. You can pre-order the services of a professional massage therapist.

- Special bath menu.
For relaxation in the bath, we offer a special bath menu from the chef. Enjoy the original bath appetizers for fresh draft beer or special special dishes for a small company - a large silver carp, lamb, milk pigs or turkey.

- Spacious terrace.
The bath complex has a spacious terrace, equipped with a magnificent hanging chair, table and armchairs. There is also a barbecue on the terrace, where you can cook your own barbecue. You can bring barbecue products with you or order pickled meat in our restaurant.

- A barrel of hot water in the open air.
"Cones" are pleased to offer to relax in a magnificent barrel with hot water in the open air! This is one of our clients' favorite spa treatments. You can be in a barrel even in frosty weather and get incredible pleasure from it! 4 people can rest in a barrel at the same time.

- All the necessary nuances have already been taken into account!
For relaxation in the bath, we provide sheets, towels, brooms. You can always ask the administrator for any other necessary details - for example, dishes and appliances to make your stay in the bath even more comfortable.

- A new bathhouse on the water with a panoramic window!
We are glad to present you our new bathhouse, which is located on the water, surrounded by a clean pine forest! A large panoramic window will not leave you indifferent. Steam room, pier, beautiful view - everything is done for the greatest comfort and coziness!

  • Real Russian steam room on wood
  • Spacious lounge. Massage room.
  • A special bath menu.
  • Spacious terrace.
  • Hot water barrel outdoors

For resident guests:

1 room 70 rub./hour
Barrel with hot water 100 rubles.
2-3 numbers 100 rub./hour
Barrel with hot water 100 rubles
4-5 rooms 150 rubles per hour
Barrel with hot water 150 rubles
For non-resident guests:

up to 6 people 100 rubles/hour
7-10 people 150 rubles/hour
up to 10 people with service*1 200 rub./hour
Over 10 people surcharge 15 rubles per person per hour
1 We provide dishes and service without ordering from a restaurant
Optional: Barrel with hot water - 150 rubles for the entire stay in the bath complex

* Payment for a barrel of hot water is made for the entire stay in the bath complex.