Hunting is “Shishki” is hobby with comfort.

According to the Hunting Rules and the Rules for the conduct of hunting facilities, the opening of the spring hunting season in 2022 begins on March 12 and will last until May 8*.

In the spring, it is allowed to catch individuals of any gender and age of the white-fronted goose, goose goose, gray goose and Canadian goose, cormorant, blue dove, gray heron, great white heron. While from among the mallard, wigeon, goldeneye, shoveler, crested duck, whistling teal and crackling teal, gray duck, only drakes are subject to prey, and woodcock - males.

Hunting is carried out in the morning and evening hours, except for the period from 12 to 18 hours. Woodcock is limited only to evening hunting from 18:00 to 22:00.
The extraction of geese and ducks is carried out during daylight hours by gun method from stealth or from ambush using a camouflage robe with luring with a decoy or decoy goose, or geese, ducks or ducks, and (or) profiles, and (or) stuffed goose, ducks . In this case, smooth-bore hunting weapons are used with the use of cartridges filled with shot. Terriers, dachshunds, pointers, spaniels, retrievers, and water dogs can be used to search for and supply the game caught. Hunting woodcock from an ambush on draft can be carried out with the same tools using the same groups of dogs as when hunting waterfowl in the spring hunting season.

* The total duration of the spring hunting season for geese and ducks cannot exceed 28 days allowed for rifle hunting of game animals of these non-limited species, with the exception of hunting on hunting tours.

We also remind you that hunting permits for the spring hunting season can be purchased through the information system one-time and seasonal for hunting farms, as well as one-time permits for a male woodcock for hunting on Friday at minimum prices in hunting farms subordinate to the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus .

Break a leg!

We offer recreation for your own pleasure

The country complex is situated on the shore of the picturesque lake, just 60 kilometers from Minsk. ‘Shishki” is a restaurant of Belarusian cuisine, comfortable hotel rooms with a veranda or a balcony, a VIP-house with two bedrooms and a fireplace room, a tent for 100 persons for carrying out of celebrations, a Russian bath, a spacious territory with the possibility of organizing various events.  

Are you tired of boring similar presents? Delight your loved one with a Gift Certificate from “Shishki”. We will form impressive recreation within the framework of your budget especially for the addressee: we will take into account what your loved one likes, what are his interests, what can surprise and gladden him, which rest is the most recreative and desirable for him. The Certificate is activated on the day of its buying and is valid till the end of the spring. You give a gift once, and the recipient rejoices twice. The first time – during the gift giving (he will admire format unusualness and originality), the second time – during the use. The present will suit a man, a woman, a family, a group of friends, a child, an elderly person and even the whole organization.